Sandy Wallis

Our investors are our top priority. We believe our returns will help achieve our clients’ goals -- expanding grantmaking for our foundations and endowments, managing tuition for our Universities, building retirement funds for our pension plans -- and broadly helping advance our L.P.s’ respective missions.

Sandy is a co-founder and Managing Director of Weathergage Capital and has 19 years of venture capital and private equity fund investment experience. Prior to Weathergage, she was a Principal of Knightsbridge Advisers responsible for investor relations, business development, and investment support.

She previously was responsible for developing the first worldwide web-based information technology architecture and strategy, and for developing the first global diversity strategy, at Phillips Petroleum (now ConocoPhillips). Prior to Phillips, she was a consultant at Andersen Consulting responsible for improving operating efficiencies and developing mission-critical applications.

Following her undergraduate degree, she was awarded a one-year research Fellowship with the Thomas J. Watson Foundation. As a Watson Fellow, she studied business management in Japan, India, and Australia. After university, she attended the Venture Capital Institute’s training program sponsored by the National Association of Small Business Investment Companies and the National Venture Capital Association.

Sandy has an M.B.A from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management and a B.A., cum laude, from the University of the South, Sewanee.

M.B.A, Kellogg Graduate School of Management
B.A., University of the South, Sewanee

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A nautical term that indicates a favorable position relative to the wind. A ship that "has the weathergage" has the initiative and hence a significant advantage over its rivals.