We know what great looks like.

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With over 100 years of combined investment experience we know a thing or two about investing in venture capital funds. We believe in cultivating meaningful relationships with our managers and sharing industry best practices, insights and honest advice when needed.

100+ years

Combined experience in the industry

Are We A Good Fit For You?

Founders and their teams are the people who generate the returns for venture capital funds. Having the regard of outstanding founders is essential to the long term success of any venture capital partnership. Are you potent with the founders who matter? How robust is your network? Do you know what great looks like?  What is your unfair advantage?  Why do you win?  Do you have a nose for talent? Can you not only pick wisely but win the hearts and minds of exceptional teams?Does your track record demonstrate excellence? Does your fund size match your strategy?

If you can answer yes to these questions, we would love to start a conversation!

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Our ApProach

We partner with venture capital funds that we believe are resilient,
innovative trendsetters with strong track records and sound values.

A nautical term that indicates a favorable position relative to the wind. A ship that "has the weathergage" has the initiative and hence a significant advantage over its rivals.