We connect investors with elite venture firms. These firms fund amazing founders who have the potential to produce game-changing innovations.

Decades of Achievement

We are a seasoned team of professionals with decades of investment and client service experience. We built our company on a legacy of strong industry relationships, a track record of success, and a shared philosophy and investment ethos acquired over many years of active participation in the venture industry.

Over the decades our success has come from a combination of longstanding relationships with elite, established venture capital fund managers combined with a knack for identifying and backing outstanding talent long before they become household names.

We believe our singular focus on venture helps us proactively determine the next trend and get in front of it. If you want a window into the next innovation wave and informed views to help shape your world view, we think we’re your team.

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Access to Elite Venture Firms

We have longstanding relationships with venture capital funds that we believe are resilient, innovative trendsetters with strong track records and sound values.

Rigorous Due Diligence Processes

With over 100 years of combined investment experience and a suite of proprietary analytical tools, we have developed an unparalleled due diligence process that informs our investment decisions. Simply put, we ask the questions that matter.

Close Partnerships with Investors

We are your trusted partner. The relationships we build with our investors are based on transparency, trust, and candor. We believe communication is key and keep an open line with our investors.

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We hold ourselves and our partners to the highest standards.


We believe transparency is the key to success, maintaining open and honest relationships with our investors and VC partners.


We are an independently owned, right-sized investment management company one hundred percent aligned with our investors.


We Don’t Follow the Crowd

Our experience tells us that markets change, and that last year’s conventional wisdom may become this year’s folly. As a result we never rest on our laurels, and instead actively seek out forward thinking venture capital funds who are investing in the next generation of game changing entrepreneurs. This differentiated approach, coupled with our proprietary analytical tools and unparalleled due diligence process, allows us to make decisions with the potential to produce extraordinary returns.

Leadership In Micro-VC Investing

The convergence of multiple innovation waves now allows entrepreneurs to address very large markets and build sizeable companies on a very small amount of initial capital.

These ultra capital efficient investment opportunities have attracted a new set of talented VCs whose small funds are perfectly sized for the opportunity and whose interests are aligned with their investors. Weathergage identified this opportunity in 2006 and built a premier portfolio of micro-VCs before the category even had a name.

A Conviction-Based Portfolio

We manage a concentrated portfolio with no “filler funds” to dilute returns.

Right-Sized Funds

Experienced investors know that asset gathering is inversely correlated with returns. Our funds are sized from the bottom up and well matched to our strategy.

A nautical term that indicates a favorable position relative to the wind. A ship that "has the weathergage" has the initiative and hence a significant advantage over its rivals.