October 25, 2017

Weathergage Annual L.P. Meeting 2017 - Tim Bliamptis' views on the Venture Environment

I think a lot of very important and big companies are going to be built based on blockchain technology - Tim Bliamptis

Tim Bliamptis shares his views on the current environment of the venture space and what he thinks is to come in 2018 at the 2017 Weathergage L.P. Annual Meeting.

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1.     Fund Raising Cycles 

2.     External Forces on VC Landscape

        ·      Threat of New Entrants 

        ·      Customer Power 

        ·      Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, ICO as it relates to Venture 

3.     Tech Waves Driving Future Valuations

        ·      The Third Wave of Internet 

        ·      AI Based Industry Disruption 

        ·      Autonomous Vehicles 

        ·      BioPharma 

        ·      Weird and Wonderful 

4.     Putting it all Together 

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A nautical term that indicates a favorable position relative to the wind. A ship that "has the weathergage" has the initiative and hence a significant advantage over its rivals.