Aleece Hobson

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Aleece joined Weathergage in June 2015 as the Investor Relations Manager. With 13 years of investor relations and external communications experience and 2 years of consulting experience, she has a deep understanding of connecting and communicating with investors to help advance their causes.

Prior to Weathergage, Aleece was a Consultant at Hollinden where she was responsible for managing client projects, as well as focusing on building and implementing strategic initiatives to elevate their position. Earlier in her career, she was a Program Coordinator for the Office of health policy at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center where she managed the department’s external communications platform.

Aleece has an M.B.A. from Texas Woman’s University and a B.B.A in Marketing from Texas A&M University.

M.B.A., Texas Woman’s University
B.B.A in Marketing, Texas A&M University

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