January 4, 2016

Judith Elsea to Facilitate Panel Discussion at the SuperInvestor U.S. 2016

Weathergage Partner, Judith Elsea has been announced as a SuperInvestor U.S. 2016 featured speaker, facilitating a panel discussion that will explore many interesting and insightful aspects of the evolving VC landscape. The panel will feature venture capitalists Enrique Allen Co-Founder of Designer Fund, Justin Caldbeck Co-Founder of Binary Capital, and Mike Maples Managing Partner of Floodgate.

The session held February 3rd, 2016 will provide tangible intellectual information from leaders in private equity and venture capital.

Attracting some of the biggest names in global private equity, while also retaining the unique flavour of the west coast's private equity and venture, this groundbreaking conference is an asset to all those who attend.


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