October 25, 2017

A Glimpse into the Weathergage 2017 Annual Meeting

Bryan, Lorrie and Brendan gave us great insights at our 2017 annual meeting.

Weathergage Capital – Tim Bliamptis’ views on Venture

     1.     Fund Raising Cycles 

     2.     External Forces on VC Landscape

             ·      Threat of New Entrants 

             ·      Customer Power 

             ·      Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, ICO as it relates to Venture  

     3.     Tech Waves Driving Future Valuations

             ·      The Third Wave of Internet 

             ·      AI Based Industry Disruption 

             ·      Autonomous Vehicles 

             ·      BioPharma 

             ·      Weird and Wonderful

     4.     Putting it all Together 


Fireside Chat with Venrock’s Bryan Roberts

Bryan Roberts Video clip: (https://youtu.be/nPZlzNBDdNc)

Managing Partner of Venrock, Bryan Roberts shares his views on at the 2017 Weathergage L.P. Annual Meeting.

Click on links to jump to specific topic:

     1.     With current investment environment, how have you changed your approach?

     2.     What do you look at when initially assessing an investment opportunity? 

     3.     Working together to solve a problem that the world thinks can’t be solved


Fireside Chat with Lead Edge’s Lorrie Norrington

Lorrie Norrington Video: you tube link  https://youtu.be/RvfoU8ikuIE

Operating Partner of Lead Edge, Lorrie Norrington shares her views on recruiting talent in secondary markets, taping networks and adding value as a VC at the 2017 Weathergage L.P. Annual Meeting. Click on the links below to jump to your preferred subjectClick on links to jump to specific topic:


     1.     Recruiting talent to secondary markets 

     2.     Tapping into Networks

     3.     Adding Value


Fireside Chat with Fifth Wall’s Brendan Wallace

Brendan Wallace Video: you tube link https://youtu.be/ZQ5fWZ6ZgR8

Operating Partner of Fifth Wall, Brendan Wallace shares his views on kingmaker strategies and Fifth Wall's non-traditional approach to venture at the 2017 Weathergage L.P. Annual Meeting.

Click on links to jump to specific topic:


     1.     “Kingmaker” Strategy 

     2.     Fifth Wall’s Non-Traditional Approach 


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