The Great Opportunities of

A Total Commitment to

We invest with venture capitalists who work closely with top entrepreneurs to build disruptive companies and game-changing market opportunities.

Access To Today’s Elite Firms

We invest in elite venture capital and growth equity funds whose partners are the most potent with today’s entrepreneurs who matter.

Leadership In Micro-VC Investing

The convergence of multiple technological waves now allows entrepreneurs to address very large markets and build sizeable companies on a very small amount of initial capital.

These ultra capital efficient investment opportunities have attracted a new set of talented VCs whose small funds are perfectly sized for the opportunity and whose interests are aligned with their investors. Weathergage identified this opportunity in 2006 and built a premier portfolio of Micro-VCs before the category even had a name.


A Conviction-Based Portfolio

We manage a concentrated portfolio with no “filler funds” to dilute returns.

Right-Sized Funds

Our funds are sized from the bottom up and well matched to our strategy.

Weathergage is a nautical term that indicates a favorable position relative to the wind. In the Age of Sail, a ship that "had the weathergage" had a great advantage because it better controlled the time and sequence of battle.