The Access to Invest with
the Best of Today.
The Acumen to Find the Best of Tomorrow.

Weathergage provides its limited partners with access to funds managed by top tier venture capital firms. We believe that these firms – and the entrepreneurs they sponsor – help drive the disruptive innovations that ultimately produce game-changing market opportunities.

We are a seasoned team of professionals with decades of investment and client service experience. We built our company on a legacy of strong industry relationships, a track record of success, and a shared philosophy and investment ethos acquired over many years of active participation in the venture industry.

Our portfolio of venture and growth funds targets young companies with the potential to achieve rapid growth and sufficiently large exits to justify the risks inherent in these kinds of opportunities. We are highly experienced in raising and managing right-sized funds and are a leader and early mover in Micro-VC investing.

Over the decades our success has come from a combination of longstanding relationships with elite, established venture capital and growth equity fund managers and a knack for identifying and backing outstanding talent long before they become household names.

Weathergage is a nautical term that indicates a favorable position relative to the wind. In the Age of Sail, a ship that "had the weathergage" had a great advantage because it better controlled the time and sequence of battle.